Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The House :)

I was warned by my mother to get some pics of the house on the blog!
And the first pic that I post is super dark! Sorry but I didn't really look at the pictures until I downloaded them and now I'm too lazy to start again. So, it will have to do for now. Maybe it will hide some of the mess! :) (you can click on the pic Mama if you want to make it bigger)

We finally moved into the house...the weekend of Nov 26. Thanks to everyone that helped us out. We appreciate it very much!
We're still unpacking and need a few things (like a dining set and a bed for downstairs) but we're getting there.
I didn't want to buy much until we were moved in, so I could be sure about sizes/colors/etc. And because we are now poor! :) We plan to slowly start to pick up things here and there.

Breagha's room is a little bit of everything at the moment! But, again, we still haven't decided what we want to buy for her room so we'll take our time. Right now it doesn't matter because she isn't really using her room!
She's sleeping in the bunk beds! She is very used to sleeping with Shamus so now he's in the top bunk and she's in the bottom. Not sure how long it will take before she'll sleep on her own.
We desperately need curtains but I haven't find anything I like yet. I don't like too fancy and I don't like too busy....and we need to paint our room. Not sure when the room will be complete!
We did get our tree up on the weekend. Very excited about that.! We really like it. Darryl picked up some cute new ornaments!! And we put some decorations up - inside and outside. We don't have a lot of stuff since we've bounced around the last few years but again, slowly but surely!
We're doing well with visitors already!
Our first weekend in the house we had Steve, Cari, and Jesse stay with us. Had a great time!!!! And then we had Jolyne, Eric, Suzy, and Marc come for dinner this past Saturday. Thanks guys! And next weekend the kids are having their first playdates with friends.

And we have lots of visitors coming for the holidays! The Purdy's are coming from Nova Scotia, my cousin, Amanda, and her new hubby, Myles are coming for New Year's. And my bro and his gang are planning a trip in! So, loving the company!


Anonymous said...

Well thank you Stace,i checked earlier and got Oct.8 grrrr.Love the pics and can't till i get to visit,aiming for the spring.Hope to send my envelope to you tomorrow,will talk soon,love all you guys,momma rosie

Clotilde said...

Thank you for posting pictures, it looks very nice! I like the curved bathroom curtain rod, I always wished we had that in Edmonton! And I love your kitchen cupboards. The whole house looks very nice.

For curtains, if Bouclair and Ikea don't have anything you like, try the Sears catalogue. Sounds corny but they often have nicer stuff than in the store.

A big congrats on the house. I am sure it will fill up with stuff fast enough, don't worry! :)

Kelly said...

Congrats guys, the house is lovely! I think you've made the right choice to decorate/furnish it over time. We've done the "rush out and get everything" approach and it doesn't work--you end up with stuff you don't love. For curtains, if you like simple ones, they're pretty easy to make... Can't wait to see you soon. Hugs to you all!
Kelly :)

Cari said...

love the tree! :)

Nick and Mariana Vona said...

It looks great!!!
I love Breagha's bedroom, even though she is not using it yet, but I love the colorful quilt!!
I am very happy for you guys =)
Have fun shopping around, take ur time until you find the things you like and enjoy it!!

MacPurdys said...

Thanks guys!! Maybe I will have to make them myself. We're get ourselves slowly settled. I'm not worrying about it too much. Time to get ready for Christmas!

Mariana - the quilt was made by my Gramma Sadie. Something very special from her. Breagha loves it so even though it doesn't fit her bed, we love it!